Our Values

Our Values:

Eco-friendly and fair-trade apparels at an affordable price are our main challenge. Throughout the production process, we ensure our clients of using environment-friendly organic materials such as organic fabric and color, non-chemical cleaners, dying agent etc.

Our Service Policy

BDSOURCE works to build close, long-term relationships with our customers. Through our relationships, we become experts at understanding our customers’ businesses – perhaps even understanding their businesses as well as they do. Through customer intimacy, we build solutions to match customer needs, which in turn creates value and loyalty.

Our Work Policy:

About 95% of our total labor are women. We ensure our workers a very attractive wage package along with two festival bonuses and a yearly profit bonus. We assure our workers 100% safe and healthy work environment and we are constantly focusing on building a better workplace for them.

Operational Policy:

Continuous improvement of services is our business goal which ensures the better business performance of the company. Our products and services will be delivered on time, on budget, and will meet quality standards.

CSR Policy:

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of Bdsource’s business operations and remains a key area of our global business strategy.

Our Code of Business Conduct, our Human Resources Policy, Health & Safety Policy and our Environmental Policy are the foundation of our CSR practice: we aim to align CSR with business operations as part of our overall business strategy.

Our Code of Business Conduct defines what is expected of BDSOURCE’s employees when doing business in order to comply with the company’s high standards of business ethics, integrity and credibility.

Our Human Resource Policy outlines the way in which BDSOURCE interacts with its employees, including general terms of employment, assurance of employees’ equal rights and opportunities, protection against discrimination and abuse, and respect for human rights.

We are committed to excellence in safety by ingraining a health, safety and environment (HSE) mind-set into our culture and, above all, by always keeping safety as a top priority.